TCo. Akcesoria meblowe

WOODEN handles

For this wooden handle we looked at the beauty and statement of traditional wood handles.

ECO handle

Square is part of our #furnipartclassics. However, this version is not made of metal but of OceanIX

Hinges for furniture doors ANKOR GT

If you are looking for a furniture mechanism that gives your furniture technically superior functionality from a structural point of view, Ankor GT is the right solution for you.

Simon handle

SIMON handle is the new product in our store. The knob is an extraordinary design that is suitable for any interior design.

Mediaport UNIT

The basic solution for connecting an electric and multimedia workplace. In addition to practical use, media reports perfectly emphasize the modern style of office furniture, such as conference tables, office desks and workstations.

SNACK – Sliding kitchen counter

The SNACK system guarantees a lifting capacity of up to 80 kilograms. Thanks to this, it can be successfully used as an additional work space in the kitchen. SNACK is also an indispensable element of home parties and meetings with friends, which will gain additional space.

ShelfDesk – create your home office

How to keep a high performance working from home? Create your home office with ShelfDesk, the complete space-saving and multifunctional workstation.