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Aluminium profiles

Our quality products are in terms of design and quality.

Moreover, the possessed knowledge and experience in aluminum processing guarantees the final standards of aluminum products. Our offer includes products available in several aluminum colors, a wide range gives the possibility of unifying the color of individual furniture elements. Undoubtedly, it is important to properly match the colors, shades and texture of aluminum. All types of product profiles guarantee a unique furniture design. Additionally, each aluminum element is made of an installation that facilitates and accelerates the assembly of furniture. The offered products have approvals and certificates.


Handless systems GOLA

Handless systems GOLA are one of the trends in kitchens and furniture. Thanks to the split system of GOLA, we eliminate the need to install handless and the system of opening fronts by pressing. GOLA aliminium profiles are easy to catch and open the fronts. GOLA system is available for all furniture. We have vertical, flat and horizontal profiles. There are also other elements for finishing each element of the kitchen.
TCO offers a system of GOLA profiles that, thanks to their versatility, make it possible to satisfy every aesthetic and construction needs of the contemporary kitchens and provides a handy and solid fastening system.The know-how in processing GOLA profiles, allows a wide choice in both models and finishings: anodizing, painting,melamine paper or veneered.

Construction profiles

If you want your interior to have a light, aesthetic composition, choose elements from construction profiles. Due to their dimensions and openwork character, their form will add a taste to any interior.

Black or aluminum construction elements made of a 20 × 20 mm profile perfectly fill the design in a modern kitchen, the tool version of the solutions combine with glass and wooden ones. The profile allows you to carry out construction instructions, to hang on the wall or put on furniture or directly on its.


Aluminium profiles

STRIKE aluminum profiles designed for glass or plate shelves. They are the basis of the shelf structure, ideal for kitchens and wardrobes. They provide high load capacity of shelves without bending the shelf. Design and technical needs come together in this innovative aluminum profile system, changing the internal composition of kitchen cabinets. The sophisticated aesthetics and functionality of the Strike kitchen shelves combined with their remarkable ability to exceed the standards of normal shelves, thus achieving UNI 8601 compliance (LIV5 h28 and LIV4 h37).
In the LED version, the kitchen shelf illuminates the inside of the cabinet thanks to a lamp equipped with a sensor, without cables, which provides maximum flexibility in arranging shelves.

The CATENARIA Profiles for Cabinets – The profile is designed to be applied on all the base cabinets, both on the front and back side. The Joint Profiles are small and easy to mount, they are aestethically fine and solid also in big sizes. The profile, which features a seat for the cabinet back, can be rotated according to the mounting needs.

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aluminium profiles

Aluminum profiles for the construction of shelves, aluminum frames and other furniture components made of aluminum. All products constitute one coherent system that guarantees a consistent design and easy mounting.

Italian design combined with very advanced technology.