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Connecting fittings & shelf assemblies

Connection systems, supports and height adjustments for furniture.

Program of connectors, height and level adjusters. Offer of the most technologically and designally advanced solutions and technical solutions for furniture.

A wide range of selection options and height and level adjustment systems gives unlimited possibilities of choosing and shaping furniture.

Connectors for furniture and countertops

Connection systems for building furniture bodies. Advanced solutions enabling the construction and connection of furniture element bodies in horizontal and horizontal areas. We offer a very wide range of invisible and visible joints for constructing furniture. We offer a wide selection of standard products such as eccentrics, confirmates, screws and very advanced. Quick-mount couplings for various plate thicknesses and materials. The connection systems we offer are characterized by remarkable durability and well-thought-out parameters. Invisible joints for furniture assembled at the production stage facilitate the assembly and assembly of furniture, even by unqualified people.

Supports for furniture and free-hanging shelves

A wide range of furniture supports for wooden and glass shelves. Furniture supports for wooden shelves mounted on a bolt with a diameter of 3 mm, 4 mm and 5 mm. Supports for glass shelves with the possibility of blocking the shelf and adjusting the thickness of the shelf, making the supports universal. Various types of supports that improve the design of furniture, as they are available in colors. Supports are not only structural elements, but can also perform many different functions: decorative, height adjustment of shelves, stabilizing the connection of the body. We also offer solutions to protect the shelves during the transport of furniture and elements to prevent shelves from bending when using the furniture.

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Connecting fittings & shelf assemblies

Joining solutions for all materials and projects. Durable and easy assembly joints.

By choosing our products, you get one of the most professional solutions for office furniture. Fully compatible and in line with market trends.