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Connector systems, drivers, switches

Switches, drivers and connector systems are key components of advanced furniture lighting kits.

Modern furniture lighting management systems offer great benefits. Professional lighting elements provide specific effects, timeless durability and reduce energy costs. Certainly, each electrical installation requires the use of appropriate and safe solutions. That is why our switches, transformers and connection systems are dedicated to furniture.


ELEKTRA LED Smart Light systems offer an easy upgrade system and are based on the four-pin connector system. The design is uniform: luminaire, driver, receiver and the switching unit, i.e. the remote control, the app or a voice control. The receiver is an external device, so the systems can be set up variably. For B2B customers, this means a reduction in the number of variants, since only the receivers are exchanged in a uniform system, while the light and driver remain the same.

Various sensors, switches and interfaces ensure a wide range of possible combinations for light switching and control. With the Control Box, they can be easily expanded and connected to form multifunctional systems. 6 luminaires with a total of 30 W and 3 sensors can be connected to one control box. Several Control Boxes can be connected.

Further switching and control systems for door and push-button switching units, as well as the conventional toggle switches are also available. Conventional switching on and off when doors are operated or by motion sensors are especially in demand in interior design, for example for hotels.



Only when light and driver are precisely matched to each other, all the advantages of LEDs can be exploited and the highest possible safety and quality can be guaranteed. Therefore, we offer the appropriate LED driver for every constant current and constant voltage controlled light – for highest luminosity with maximum efficiency and safe operation. Modern drivers, also known as LED transformers, have interfaces for dimming or other intelligent control systems such as voice control, Bluetooth or remote control. Drivers can also be elegantly and flatly integrated in the light housing. This is often found in LED retrofit lights.

The Original Mini Connector System

Numerous ELEKTRA products can easily be connected by the original mini connecting system with only 8 mm drilling diameter. More connector systems and electrical tracks complement our range for the electrification of furniture and shelf systems.

Only the right plug-in system turns lights into complete lighting systems. As early as 2002, ELEKTRA introduced groundbreaking developments to the market: the patented, color-coded mini connector system for particularly simple and safe connections and electrification. In the same year, the successful connector system was supplemented by a built-in power rail with mini adapter. This makes the electrification of high-voltage luminaires even easier and more flexible, which is particularly beneficial in store and interior design. Discover in our portfolio also many other connector systems, according to your individual demands.

Our mini connector system is patented and known for its safe and reliable performance. With the mini connector system you can easily connect your lights with the appropriate driver. In addition to the white high-voltage plug-in system, the systems for 12 V and 24 V are color-coded. Thanks to colored leads, it is child’s play to establish the power supply. The colors cannot be interchanged, i.e. blue to blue, green to green and so on. Mistakes are thus avoided. In order to integrate a switch, an extra distributor with a red-coded connection socket is used. To vary the light color between 2700 and 6400 K, a separate grey cable is used. The pink marked leads allow you to use RGB switching systems. In addition to this original ELEKTRA mini connector system, other connector systems such as ESP are of course also available.

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Connector systems, drivers, switches

Lighting management systems offer powerful advantages in terms of light, brightness and control: they are used, they increase lighting efficiency and reduce energy costs. As a lighting specialist, it offers various systems, control units and wiring.

By choosing our products, you can be sure that you will receive above-standard quality, durability, parameters of use and safety guarantees.