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Electronic Locks

We offer locks for wooden and metal furniture.

Our combination, mechanical and electronic locks are installed in: homes, hospitals, schools, recreation centers and workplaces. All products are produced in Europe. Increasingly, in furniture, mechanical (key) locks are replaced with combination and electronic locks. Locks of this type do not require a key and the code can be changed at any time. Additionally, code locks can be operated via electronic access systems. That is why they are so often used in public spaces.

Combination locks are intended for use in metal and wooden furniture, employee cabinets, etc. Each of the available combination locks has a keyless operation function. However, the key usually only serves as a service function. An additional advantage of the locks is the function of finding the code. We are the only combination lock producer to offer patented automatic code recovery. After turning the service key to the correct position, the code is recovered automatically. Another variant are locks with the function of manual deletion of the user code, which is especially recommended in places where users change frequently. In addition to the standard colors – black, grey metallic and white, any colors from the RAL palette are also available.

Electronic  locks are a great way to protect the opening of furniture against unauthorized access. Locks of this type are widely used primarily in office, commercial and production buildings. Wherever there are designated private zones, access to which should only be allowed by authorized persons. We offer locks compatible with access cards.



No matter what kind of facility you have, are designing for or are building, Diglock’s 6th generation, Aspire smart lock works the way you need it to. It pairs perfectly with DigiLink to create a beautiful and intelligent network management system. Give your visitors, your staff or your students the peace of mind that comes with the leader in secure personal storage.

Designed to function as handsomely as it fits, Aspire smart locks bring a new level of refinement everywhere they’re installed. Whether you’re designing for an office space or healthcare facility, Aspire offers you the perfect cabinet lock, locker lock, credenza lock and everything in between.

Smart locks need smart management tools. Digilock’s network-managed system gives you the advantage of monitoring and modifying whatever you need from wherever you are.

Every Digilock innovation is created with your needs in mind. Large groups or single users, one time use or all-year-long, we’re built to handle any situation.

Electronic locks

Electronic locks minimize the costs associated with lock management. The locks work with a standard alphanumeric keypad or a tactile RFID interface. The interface also includes a key slot to support lockouts with an ADA compliant user key.

Digilock’s suite of meticulously designed, wireless locks encourage businesses to design and redefine custom workspaces with security and care. Office furniture can help define new, flexible workspaces or hot desk zones; storage can be hidden in plain sight; and employees can feel safe returning to the office.

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Electronic locks

We’re leading the way for the innovation, design and manufacture of personal security solutions. With best-in-class materials and service that’s second to none, we give our customers and those they serve, the peace of mind that their most important items are secure. A partnership with Digilock isn’t just about providing security solutions. It’s about making you secure, Safe and Sound that Digilock has you and your business covered.

By choosing our products, you can be sure that the solutions are of the highest world standard.