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Mediaports and cable grommets are accessories that facilitate the connection of electrical devices and improve the organization of cables at the workplace.

Each workplace requires individual solutions. IB Connect is a producer with many years of experience in the design and production of electrical communication, voice, data and multimedia systems to meet the needs of the most demanding customers. We supply high-quality products to furniture producers and professional installations.

Don’t worry we can do all, also our products can be made-to-measure needs, configure its data and multimedia connection suit your desire.

Lead time

Thanks to our flexible production system, we can offer a short lead time after receiving the customer’s order, in any configuration

Product inspection

Our quality policy requires us to inspect 100% of our products before final delivery to the customer, thereby guaranteeing the quality of all production leaving the plant.

Standards and patents

All sockets are connected with a halogen-free cable with a cross-section of 2.5 mm2 and comply with the UNE / EN 50085 standards.
Our producing systems are certified to ISO9001 and ISO14001.

The producer’s commitment to innovation has allowed it to obtain its own patents, such as Orgatech, which offers the possibility of organizing and connecting cables using the space provided by products.


The modular system enables the design of any media report tailored to the client’s needs. Most of the mediaports are built on the basis of a 45 mm module.
If you do not find a product that meets your requirements in our catalog, we can design it specifically, with the necessary sockets, multimedia connectors and size. Therefore, all media ports and cable entries are fully customizable

Types of sockets

As we sell our mediaports to all countries of the world, we have practically every type of sockets.

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We are in favour of well-decorated offices that respect the environment, but using plants to hide piles of cables has never been a good idea.We design our projects right from the beginning so that all the electrification, communications and datacoexist in an orderly and safeway, so that the visual impact is reduced to a bare minimum. With the system formed with our products, we can solve any need that our clients may have.