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Office system drawers

Drawer systems and pencil cases for office furniture.

Drawers and pencil cases for office furniture are the basic element of a well-organized office container. Most of the office workstations have containers. Most furniture containers are equipped with drawers and a pencil case.


Office drawers are made of plastic or metal. Plastic elements are as durable as metal ones and additionally much lighter. That is why they are so often used in furniture by office furniture producers.

Both metal and plastic drawers work on different runners. Generally, in office containers, full extension runners are used to improve comfort. However, in economic solutions, we will undoubtedly meet drawers with partial extension.
The systems we offer are dedicated to office furniture, they have appropriate locks for cooperation with central locks.


Pencil cases for office containers

Each well-organized office container has a pencil case. The pencil case allows you to organize basic office utensils.

Pens and other accessories should always be at hand, so a pencil case with compartments will be a perfect solution. The pencil cases are made of plastic. They can be mounted independently on their own guides or in the option of inserting into a drawer. The offered pencil cases for office furniture include the option of installing a central lock.

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Office system drawers

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