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Table systems

Furniture systems for kitchen and room furniture.

Our furniture systems, guides and mechanisms are designed to make furniture more versatile, functional to the needs of people in every business or domestic environment any time of the day.

Atim manifactures a wide range of furniture mechanisms, including systems and guides for extendable tables, pull-out tables, folding tables, worktops that can be pulled out of a drawer, sliding systems for the kitchen top, sliding extendable table frames, space-saving multifunctional systems for the kitchen, transformable space-saving solutions for the home and office, aluminum profiles and furnishing accessories among many other solutions.

All the products  are fully customizable and adaptable to the individual needs of customers belonging to the furniture and kitchen industry.

Atim products are 100% made in Italy and made of aluminum, a material of high resistance, malleability and durability, perfect for providing sustenance and movement to furniture in any living context.

The line of transformable furniture systems, the trasformabili, offers highly functional solutions that optimize the use of the available space: retractable tables, pull-out tops, multifunctional systems, many of them are pulled out from a compartment normally used for a standard drawer.

The increasing availability of smaller home and business spaces in which people have to fit all the necessary furniture solutions is the origin of creations: we combine functionality with resistance and aesthetic beauty. All lines are a concrete answer to the designers and architects who are working on the creation of a new model of kitchen or furniture. Choose us for the best cutting-edge solution on the market.

Line +39

A collection specially designed to make Atim’s trasformabili solutions suitable for all environments where the furniture has a reduced depth. A depth of 39 cm is enough to insert these mechanisms and make the furniture more versatile at the living room, bedroom and even the office.
Gain an extra surface by choosing between hide-away, pull-out systems, with or without a telescopic folding leg, which can be inserted into a simple drawer or applied to the furniture door. Mechanisms with the resistance of a product made 100% of aluminum, with a large load capacity (up to 100 kg depending on the model) and different sizes.

Extendable tables

A whole range of extendable tables of different sizes and heights, with different extendable systems: single or double rotary book extensions, to be positioned centrally or on the edges of the table. All the structures are 100% made of aluminum with optimal resistance and robustness for tops made of wooden, glass and other materials.

Pull-out tables

Perfect solutions for those who want to increase the support surfaces available in any environment, with the guarantee of a load capacity of up to 100 kg with the help of 1 or more support legs, and excellent resistance (100% structure aluminum).

Install a dining table that hides inside a simple drawer, insert a practical retractable bench to receive guests, or add a drop-down desk to expand your working area, in any environment you see fit.

Pull-out worktops

For those who want to add an extra support surface, exploring the full potential of small rooms, pull-out worktops are the perfect solution.
A few movements are enough to extract a whole functional table from a cabinet door or a drawer.
The systems, made 100% with aluminum guides, guarantee great resistance, load capacity up to 80 kg and excellent stability.
Discover the solution that best suits your needs.

Space-saving ironing board

It is possible to create the perfect dedicated laundry space even when the available dimensions of the room are limited.

Choose from the transformable models of space-saving pull-out, fold-away or revolving ironing boards that can be placed in a mobile laundry room, in a dedicated corner of the bathroom or the corridor, or even in the kitchen.

The solutions are ready for installation: the Prua ironing boards are equipped with a birch plywood surface ready for installation and use.

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Table systems

Innovation is one of Atim’s core values. We are committed to creating furniture solutions that reflect people’s needs, and we use our creativity and experience to manufacture original solutions.

Innovative solutions for the furniture sector.