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wall hanging brackets

Wall hanging brackets are one of the basic elements of furniture.

They significantly affect safety. Proper suspension systems are those that have the appropriate adjustment and lifting capacity. An important parameter is also the protection against knocking up the cabinet. This parameter is important as it protects users from falling off the cabinet from the slat or hook. A professional bracket  also protects chests of drawers and other tall cabinets from tipping over.

The lifting capacity of the hangers.
Remember about the weight of the furniture. The weight of a cupboard filled with dishes may exceed several dozen kilograms, which is why the load capacity of the bracket is undoubtedly so important. The tags we offer are high-quality products with high lifting capacity (over 60 kg per item), certified by LGA and CATAS. Our offer also includes ATLAS furniture hangers for very heavy kitchen or bathroom cabinets (load capacity over 300 kg).

Furniture assembly should always be quick and efficient. Brackets adjustment is a parameter that has a big impact on it. Since each cabinet should be properly adjusted, the wall hanging brackets must have a reliable adjustment system. A wide and smooth range of adjustment in three planes undoubtedly affects the quality and effect of work. Each pendant, even the simplest one, should be adjustable.

Furniture brackets should not only be reliable, but also aesthetic. They can be visible or hidden. Visible wall hanging brackets inside the cabinet have different types of caps. The caps are available in various colors, matching the color of the furniture board.

Included in TCO. you will find systems for hanging panels, mirrors, hanging cabinets and lower cabinets with drawers.


The perfect solution for heavy loads in suspended kitchens and bathroom cabinets.

INDAUX has developed ATLAS fitting device, as an answer to the technical challenges that the new suspended kitchens present. Traditional furniture fixing devices are not suitable for this trend, as are designed for cabinets with little depth and without drawers.

Maximum safety in the vertical loads, anti-tilt, easy machining and regulation.
It doesn’t interfere with the smooth running of the top drawers.
Easy industrial installation, can be preassembled to ease transport.

In combination with the lower support fitting, the furniture can be adjusted in depth, vertically and horizontally.
Tests successfully completed with a load of 300 kg.


Scarpi visible cabinet hangers

Indaux probably has one of the broader range of hanging supports in the market. Concealed or seen cabinet hangers, for suspended modules, shelf supports, heavy duty hangers.

Heavy duty cabinet hanger: 45Kg./unit according to EN 15939

It allows three independent adjustments, easily accessible from the front side.
Concealed by an extra thin cover in different colours.
Available for knock-in or screw-on assembly.
The hanger is entirely made of steel and therefore it can be recycled without any problems.

Concealed cabinet hangers

Concealed cabinet hangers for kitchen and room furniture. The Traser series of hangers is a group of hangers that are mounted behind the back wall of the furniture. Our offer includes pendants that are mounted with screws or in pre-drilled mounting holes without the use of any tools during assembly.
Suspension load 50 kg in accordance with the EN 15939 standard. Traser pendants have smooth regulation in two areas.
For special constructions, we have Traser 7 hangers for installation in the sides of the cabinet. The hangers are completely invisible, mounted in a milled hole in the side of the furniture.

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wall hanging brackets

Safety and proper hanging of cabinets is our priority when choosing the right furniture hangers.

We offer a wide selection of various types of furniture hangers, concealed, visible, supports and hanging systems not only for furniture but also for other elements of the building.