Collage Habit 1_(300)

HABIT handle

The idea behind this design was to approach the handle free kitchen with all its pros and cons and see if we could create an elegant handle for the handle free kitchen. You often grease the front of a push lock cabinet, and as a guest in such a kitchen you are often confused where to push to open. A handle indicates where to open and in which way the front opens – it’s very intuitive and user-friendly and one of the things you do not have in a handle free kitchen. Being able to adorn and set the scene for the interior design of a kitchen is another advantage of using handles, which is lost in a handle free kitchen. That is why we have designed the handle for the handle free kitchen – a graphic, iconic and completely flat “handle” – a plate which indicates where on a front you need to push, and a graphic and decorative element which can easily be added and renew an existing unit.