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We are a leading supplier of mirrors and glass elements for manufacturers of furniture, fitters, architects, and interior design firms. We supply ready products and components: mirrors, mirrored doors, mirrors in metal and wooden frames, illuminated mirrors and mirrors with advanced illumination systems, glass shelves, and other furniture elements.
We handle orders to manufacture products for the individual needs of the largest furniture manufacturers, accommodating their needs and at the same time guaranteeing  assistance by sharing knowledge and know-how. Using advanced manufacturing technology, hiring qualified personnel, and using our KNOW HOW, we can handle our partners’ most demanding designs, guaranteeing products manufactured to high standards of quality. Our business partners use individual solutions suited to their needs.

When developing new products, we are responsible not only for solutions that are technically innovative and functional, but also for the environment. All of the products we make are environmentally friendly. Forward-thinking environmental protection measures are one of our standards. 

To achieve the objective, a concept is needed that realistically covers all the requirements with regard to the best industrial solution.                 We plan not only the technical aspects of production, but also logistical issues and packing.

We systematically incorporate into our product range new products and manufacturing solutions. Our operations are aligned with market trends. We try to be a leader in innovative solutions, and our products comply with European and global norm and standards. We work with many international suppliers of components and with laboratories, due to which we hold numerous attestations and patents for manufactured products.

Glass elements

GLASS ELEMENTS Glass solutions and elements. The potential for using...