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Mirrors in metal and wooden frames

A mirror is usually an essential element of an interior: the living room, hall, or bathroom – functional, environmentally friendly, modern, and stylish.

Without doubt, a mirror is one of those extras found in every home or public building. In addition to having a practical function, a mirror is decorative and lights up and enlarges the space. Whether we opt for a modern, avant-garde, or classical interior design, room can always be found for a mirror. Our mirrors can brighten up and make an interior functional and fashionable. We provide numerous mirror variations. We give customers tips on which particular types of mirrors suit which interior furnishing trends, how to enlarge a space optically, and what accessories to choose to achieve the intended effect and style, and make changes to an interior.

Mirrors in metal frames

We make highly advanced mirrors in metal and aluminium frames. As a mirror manufacturer, we guarantee 100% top-quality and precise workmanship. There are no limits to what our partners can expect in the production of mirrors in metal frames. We work with the most advanced manufacturers of metal elements and provide access to state-of-the-art technology for processing and painting metal. We provide metal painted, coated, and galvanized frames. The quality of the finish makes our mirrors stand out.
Our customers can expect full assistance in devising patterns and concepts.

Mirrors in wooden frames

Mirrors in wooden frames are an essential interior furnishing product. As a manufacturer of mirrors and frames, we can realise practically any design. We work with our customers who manufacture furniture and who furnish interiors, while proposing ready solutions or working to an individual design. Our product range includes frames made from solid wood, veneer frames, and painted frames. 
Ensuring customers’ success is essential to our operations. With our assistance, architects and furniture manufacturers find that there are no limits to the potential for designing the perfect combinations of a mirror and wood, in line with the current trends. We make sure that our mirrors match the current trends, and so the new textures and colours of frames give the mirrors even more character.

Framed mirrors

Designed with the very best functionality in mind, and suited to the furniture. Skirting and accessories raise the quality of the interior decor and standards.