Double sided mirror doors

Bathroom double side mirror doors

We supply mirrors for many global bathroom furniture brands. Double sided mirror doors for bathroom furniture and cabinets, are one of the leading products in our range. We have a long track record of manufacturing mirrors for bathroom furniture and cabinets. We work with most of the firms known on the market that manufacture hinges for use with glass: Blum, Grass, and Salice. We also provide standard, sand-blasted, laminated, and heated mirrors, and also provide built-in LED illumination. We guarantee top-quality and precise workmanship, and work using the best materials available on the market. Our suppliers of mirrors, adhesives, and other components work with us systematically to develop products, so that we can supply the most advanced and reliable products for furniture and bathroom cabinet manufacturers. Due to concern for the environment, we are constantly investing to expand the machinery we use, focusing on sustainable development. Our partners can expect to receive assistance in developing a product and when working on a project.
The logistics department systematically develops its capacity and various options for packing mirrors in a manner that meets our customers’ expectations. The mirrors are packed in wooden or cardboard packaging, single item packaging, or industrial packaging.
Through our professional and committed approach, we try to make our services as customer-friendly as possible and to provide top-quality products.

Heated double side mirror doors

Mirror doors for furniture and bathroom cabinets with built-in heating. A heating system prevents the mirror surface from steaming up on the surface. A thickness of approximately 7mm gives the mirror a highly aesthetic look, and the heating system connection is undetectable. We also provide various heating control systems: mechanical, timer-controlled, etc.

We work with our suppliers continually to develop new solutions to reduce the amount of electricity drawn by our mirrors. We have  12V and 24V solutions.



Laminated mirror doors

We manufacture highly advanced laminated mirrors, in a procedure that guarantees the highest safety standards. We also employ various sand-blasting and lamination methods, which makes our products ultra-modern and designer standard. We provide various patterns of various levels of translucence, even on the edge of the mirror, while equally ensuring that they are resistant to water and leaks. Our patented solutions enable customers to achieve excellent results with regard to design and quality.

We manufacture and supply our own designs for laminated mirrors, designed by designers working with us, or OEM solutions for our customers. We ensure that lamination technology is systematically developed, to reduce electricity consumption and emissions.


Magnetic double sided mirror door

Every product we produce is made with the end user in mind. For this reason, to ensure the best parameters for use, we have designed a fully personalised product. Due to the solutions we employ, our mirror doors fulfil other functions. We can fit additional sliding elements such as magnifying mirrors. In the standard form, a product is fitted permanently, and we can also provide a mirror that slides anywhere on the mirror surface, according to the user’s needs. Each person in turn can adjust the mirror to any height. 
The mirror’s built-in magnetic system means for example that additional accessories and instruments, organisers, and other minor elements can be fitted.


Mirrors specially designed for bathroom furniture. We manufacture OEM products for bathroom furniture manufacturers.