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Glass solutions and elements.

The potential for using glass in an innovative way in designs is demonstrated by the rich palette of products on offer. We provide products of various kinds for furniture and interiors with glass finishes: shelves, partitions, structural elements, sides for drawers, and furniture organisers. We supply custom-made products with glass of various thicknesses, and toughened, coloured, and painted glass. We work with leading suppliers of raw materials in Europe.
Due to a combination of innovative materials, glass processing technology, and bold concepts, we can accommodate the latest design trends.
A product range of the highest quality and professional maintenance are a guarantee of new opportunities for our customers and furniture manufacturers.

Glass shelves, drawer organisers

We supply any elements made of top-quality glass: shelves, structural elements, and drawer organisers. 
We also offer the option of toughening, foil wrapping, and laminating to achieve the envisaged durability and safety.

Products specially designed for bathroom furniture
SGG PLANICLEAR highly translucent glass, with a special film. This makes TIMELESS glass highly transparent and does not affect the perception of colours, regardless of thickness.

The glass is permanently protected against corrosion, the colours do not fade over time, and it retains its attractive appearance. Water runs over the surface of the glass, which reduces mineral deposits and leaks. Any traces of use are easier to eliminate than on standard glass with no film.

Glass structures 

Based on the diverse potential, we create products and solutions that can be used according to needs. Glass processing, adhesive technology, and other processes enable various types of products or product elements to be manufactured from glass.
We have the capacity to design furniture and interior decor using various types of glass elements. The vast range of variations that we use to produce glass means that there are practically no limits to what we can do. 
Glass elements in interiors and furniture combine style and design with safety and durability. The simplicity and nature of glass add a new dimension to any space.

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Glass for furniture