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Waste bins & cutlery trays

The organisation of drawers and waste segregation are the basic elements of a modern kitchen.

Our assortment includes solutions that improve the organization of basic tools used every day in the kitchen, such as: cutlery trays or waste bins. All systems have been designed in accordance with the current needs and trends in the market. Our products are specifically designed to suit kitchen cabinets and drawers  all over the world. 

The organisation of drawers.

Cutlery trays, non – slip mats are products that improve the comfort of working in the kitchen. They help to keep order and maximally umprove the use of space. An efficienty organized drawer affects the quality of work in the kitchen, so inserts are such an important equipment for drawers.


Cutlery tray product line made of polypropylene with a soft shapes and a modern design

Designed for maximum rationalisation of space inside drawers and to increase functionality. Developed in collaboration with the designers.

The system of compartments, their thoughtful and appropriate number, you will be able to organize the cutlery. Optimal spaces for storing other kitchen utensils are in drawers.

The quality and material of cutlery trays

High quality of materials and aesthetics of individual products causes that cutlery trays by TCo. are products for years. Most offered by TCo. trays can be cut to the size of the drawer. Therefore, a cutlery tray can be a matching good. In addition, we have trays with the option of movable compartments. Thanks to this, you can create any scale layout yourself.

Colours of cutlery trays

We offer inserts in light, white and anthracite. A wide range of colors allows you to choose from any interior, color and type of drawer.


Waste bins for segregation

A wide range of bins for segregating waste in the kitchen. We present functional bins for waste segregation. Our systems come with several parts to facilitate segregation. Waste bins can be installed in kitchen furniture. We have systems for mounting in cabinets under the sink and in drawers. This saves space in the kitchen and increases functionality. The bins are made of quality plastics, which increase their durability. For customers who have a door with little space in the kitchen, we offer bins mounted on sink cabinets. The most of them have automatic lids. So you don’t have to lift a lid after opening the drawer’s door or the drawer.

Non – slip mats

Non – slips mats prevent items in drawers from slipping.
They facilitate keeping order and cleanliness. Mats should be match the interior and color of drawer, therefore we offer mats in different colours. The non – slips mats are made of high – quality plastic. So that the mat has a non – slip function.
Diversified texture makes the mats also a decorative element. We offer rigid mats in sheets and flexible mats in rolls. Both types of mats can be cut to any size of the drawers.

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Waste bins & cutlery trays

Well thought – out waste bins systems of various sizes and equipment are the optimal solutions for any size of kitchen. An amazing selection of cutlery trays, and non – slip mats, a variety of colours and the possibility of adjusting to your needs.

The high quality of the material ensures the safety of bins and trays for years of use.