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LED illuminated mirrors

Mirrors with integrated LED lighting

We are a professional manufacturer with a wealth of know-how as regards manufacture of LED mirrors, in particular LED bathroom mirrors. Our LED mirrors have top-quality components, making them reliable and functional.

The mirrors have the required certificates, such as CE, UL, and IP 44 certificates as required in most countries, especially in North America, Europe, and Australia. We serve the hotel industry and furniture manufacturers, and provide OEM products.


LED illuminated mirrors

Illuminated mirrors for interiors of any kind. Lighting gives mirrors a designer look, and also fulfils another function. As interiors vary in nature and requirements, we provide lighting of varying power and shade. Our LED mirrors also have systems for smoothly adjusting light shade and intensity. Light can surround a mirror, serving a decorative function, or disseminate outwards and illuminate with great effect the person looking in the mirror.  We also have in our broad product range various sand-blasted mirrors and frame styles for round LED mirrors. 
LED mirrors are ideal for bathrooms, where the quality of light is an essential element in daily activities. The bathroom area requires additional IP safeguards, which our mirrors naturally provide.

Mirror accessories

Functional and designer mirrors need various accessories and components to raise the quality, functionality, and aesthetics. For this reason, we try to systematically develop the range of variations and additional functions available for our mirrors.  The mirror components are key elements of the mirror that make them safer and more reliable, and more useful in daily life. Our new solutions ensure that our products have an attractive design. 

This built-in heating mat function means that mirrors do not need to be continually treated with demisting spray or repeatedly wiped when using the shower or bathroom.

Touch and touch-free switch systems, a bluetooth system enabling mirror lighting to be adjusted in any way. User preference memory systems that make using a mirror with built-in illumination simple and intuitive.

CRI>90 light sources with more than 50000 of life, shade range of 2700-6000K, IP67 protection rating.

Module enabling room parameter readings and additional functions.

Magnifying mirrors of various diameters and 3- or 5-times magnification.


Designed to be more functional and suited to the customer’s needs. Highly advanced LED mirrors, TV mirrors, and mirror components.